We've been strategists and writers for years. But, in April 2017 we opened our doors and got serious about helping businesses create amazing content.

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alex hughes, co-founder

At the age of 10, Alex decided he wanted to be a writer. Since then he's gone from scribbling in Mead notebooks to writing for brands like Samsung, LG, Indra, Starbucks, and Porsche. If you need content that's consistent and exciting, then you've found the right guy.

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elisha montgomery, co-founder

From the ages of 7-14, Elisha ran a lucrative business trading Pokemon cards and handing out flyers. Since then he's gone on to run a string of small businesses until he decided to focus on writing and marketing. If your business needs a fresh perspective and approach, then he's your guy.

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jessie hughes, business administrator

At the age of 9, Jessie's dad made her a computer program so that she could pretend to work at the airline check-in. Since then her love of organization has exploded. If you have a question about anything related to paperwork, confirmation numbers, or forms, then she's your girl.

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