What’s content strategy?

It involves using content to achieve specific goals for a business. For example, you may want to double the number of leads you get per month. To achieve this, you need to double the number of visitors to your site and improve your conversion rate.

A content strategist will create a plan to achieve this goal. They’ll work to understand your audience and what content (blog posts, contests, social media, videos, etc.) will motivate them to visit your site. Next, they’ll work on your sales funnel to ensure that once a prospect visits your site they’re motivated to keep moving through your funnel. Finally, they look at the impact the changes have had and refine them to increase their impact.

What's content marketing?

It’s the use of content to market a product or service. A content marketer will create content based on the instructions they receive from a content strategist. Their job is to understand your audience and your company’s voice and produce the content that will appear on your site.

Generally, content marketer are writers with a strong understanding of online marketing. In some cases, they may also work with designers to create visual content, such as infographics and videos.

What’s a brand voice?

It’s the unique way that your company communicates using words. Field Notes is an excellent example of a company with a brand voice. All of their words express a personality that’s appealing to their customers and differentiates them from competitors like Moleskine.

Most large companies have a brand voice already, because they understand the need to stand out in the market. Many smaller companies are also creating brand voices to stand out. We encourage all of our clients to create a brand voice so that their content has the maximum impact.

What’s your process?

Our process for most projects consists of three basic steps:

  1. Research the intended audience (buyer personas), client company, and competitors, and create the strategy behind the content.

  2. Produce content that follows the strategy created during the research phase.

  3. Analyze the results and make refinements to the content as needed.

This allows us to produce content with confidence so that there’s a reason to back up every decision that we make.

How much do your services cost?

Our minimum project size is $200, but our projects vary greatly in cost. Here are a few examples of what we would normally charge for our services:

  • Writing a well-researched, original blog post designed to bring in leads: $300/post

  • Copywriting one page of your website or a page of sales material: $600/page

  • Technical writing for manuals, documentation, etc.: $75/hour

  • Content strategy retainers designed to maintain your blog, social media, email marketing, and sales funnels: $1,000-5,000/month

  • Special projects like creating a brand voice, buyer personas, or conducting a workshop: contact us for pricing

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